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Individual Therapy


I offer various therapy sessions to individuals. 

Suggestions are given in hypnosis and also clients will make some suggestions on how they would like to feel.

Hypnoanalysis is a therapeutic technique in which clients relax into a state of hypnosis, and using free association, which would help release and resolve anything bottled up with emotions and conflicts and anxieties. Hypnoanalysis helps people to permanently resolve their unconscious anxieties and conflicts, freeing them from their symptoms and problem in their life.

Self-hypnosis can help with a wide variety of issues. From helping lessen pain and stress whilst promoting relaxation during childbirth, to enhancing your memory, overcoming anxiety and more, self-hypnosis can be a tool to help support and strengthen ideas and new techniques learnt during hypnotherapy. 

If you are looking to modify a certain behaviour, emotion, or attitude, enhance an existing or develop a new skill, or improve habits, self-hypnosis may be able to help. 

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How to Book My Services

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