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Group Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy group sessions on healthy nutrition help people lose weight, ditch bad habits and get motivated to get back to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

This will help you develop a more positive relationship with food and exercise, both of which are key to healthy, long-term weight loss and management. 

These are group sessions of 8 people only these are face to face based in Chingford Leisure centre on Sundays for 7 weeks 1-2pm
Dates to be confirmed as yet. Sign up if interested and reserve your space.

Chingford Leisure Centre
Unit 4 Larkswood Leisure Park,
New Road Chingford,
Waltham Forest
E4 9EY

How to Book My Services

Sessions to follow

Session 1

Consultation form to fill in, getting started, information about clinical hypnosis and any questions, setting your own affirmations, setting your goals, wheel of life diagram to help improve your life and to take home. Setting an anchor.

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Session 2

Progressive muscle relaxation with building your confidence. This is to relax your mind and body to help you focus into building your confidence. Anchoring is used from session one.

Session 3

Self hypnosis is taught to help build your motivation and confidence. Using your Positive affirmations in self hypnosis from session one

Happy Portrait
Session 4

This session is to help you remove any negative habits you don't want anymore in your life. This can be behavioural or emotional eating, junk food addiction or alcoholism. When it’s behavioural it can be a habit we do repeatedly. Emotional eating is eating more when stressed in a bid to help our emotions make us feel better. It can often be from a young age. Anchoring is used to help you be calm and relaxed and focused and confident in yourself.

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Session 5

Getting back to exercise with confidence
and motivation. This session will help you focus and see the benefits from exercise and to feel confident in doing so.

Online Workout
Session 6

Moving on to your ideal body shape.
Anchoring is used this session help you to visualise your ideal body and to succeed in that ideal body shape you always wanted.

Body Measurements
Session 7

Timeline healthy nutrition and exercise.
This session will be based in your timeline from your pass to present and the future you of your ideal body shape.

Organic Vegetables
Image by MK Hamilton

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind, enhanced by mental and physical relaxation, in which our subconscious is able to communicate with our conscious mind to allow changes to be made.

If you would like to change nutrition and kick out your old habits, get back your confidence and self-esteem and feel motivated to eat better and exercise more, get in touch.


An anchor is a way of bringing you back to your desired emotions and state of being – that state is going to be a grounded, calm, and relaxed state, and by using the anchor you going to bring back the feeling any time you desire if you feeling stressed or worried or anxious feeling any negative feelings you don't want to feel, we can use this anchor to bring back calm feeling.


It's like a switch that you really have any time you needed to control
how you want to feel, what that is it's a simple movement of the hand which would be explain in the session.

Image by David Boca

Self hypnosis

Self Hypnosis strengthens the ego where positive suggestions are repeated with the belief that they will become in embedded in the unconscious mind.

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