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Private and Confidential


All sessions face to face, via skype or Zoom or telephone conversation will be conducted in full confidential. This will be maintained and applied to all your records and held in accordance with the Data protection Act. Data Protection registration certificate ZB310349. All records are private and confidential. 

Every details are kepted in a metal draws and locked at all times, or a laptop all data will be secured and never shared to anyone and against any viruses. Information with your approval is given unless you are a danger to yourself and others, which a GP or other professional will be contacted, but will be adviced before hand before sharing.

All consultations and other papers work are private and confidential and will not be used in any way, unless you are vulnerable and need to contact your General Practitioners for advice or any other professional. Normally I will tell the patient before hand that I will contact another professional for there safety.

All recordings are for relaxation purposes. If using the audio recordings please do not drive or operate any machinery. 

Bookings information:
I give a free consultation for 20 mins to discuss symptoms and how hypnotherapy will help you. If interested I will send a email with information about hypnotherapy and a consultation form which is a google form filled out online. When I received the forms back I will let you know appointment times and dates if is sounds good for you. Then payment is taken first before the booking. This payment either made by visa or if direct payment, If a bank transfer I will give information via email. 
Any bookings made payment is taken first.

Please give at least 72 hour notice to cancel appointment, so I can rebook others, if failing to cancel or do not turn up for appointment there will be a 50% charge of payment as I have charges to pay for the clinic. 


Please give 24hrs notice for online zoom appointments as well if failing to cancel appointments or don’t turn up to the zoom appointment there will be a 20% charge. 


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