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 Leah's Health and Fitness

Ideas on Healthy Eating Plan

About Leah Fitness & Health
Fitness instructor and a personal trainer, pilates instructor

Hi, I'm Leah, a Fitness instructor and a personal trainer, pilates instructor, also a childrens fitness instructor.

I work with clients who want to change their health and well-being and achieve life goals by changing their current habits and behaviours to actions that are more conducive to a successful life.  

By coaching clients online and facebook challenge, I have experienced first hand what it takes to not just have good health, achieve goals and live the life you want, but how to achieve it for the rest of your life.


By helping clients first create the right mindset, build a healthy environment and follow the correct process, they are better prepared to change the habits and behaviours that are needed to achieve a lifetime of good health and their life goals.


To find out more about the coaching I provide and how it will help you achieve a lifetime of good health go to fitness classes to purpose packages.

Facebook group challenge

I do a special facebook challenge, to help kick start weight loss and coaching for one month, food ideas, workout videos, weekly weigh in updates etc. Please go to price plan to join. Once paid please click on this link to join us Leahs health and fitness challenge on facebook.


Giving support in nutrition, exercise routines. I will give a specialized plan to suit your needs, I offer a variety of offers from 1 session personal training to try, from 4 to 24 weeks program's.

Anyone can purchase these programs all around the world, as long as you have email and contact details to send you a nutrition plan and exercise routines.

The exercise program is always reviewed every 4 weeks to make changes to exercises and nutrition.

Your Nutrition macros and micros would be calculated for you.

So you would know how many grams or calories you need to have with deficit in place to help you with your weight loss.

Have a look at the purpose package plans and the price plans, become a member and have access to healthy diet ideas, Workouts will be posted on online membership only via email.

Price plan

Soon as you register and paid on a price-plan, I will send you a email with consultation forms, if in UK  resident, I will book you a telephone call consultation, If you are abroad I can contact you on whatsApp call for the consultation or email.

After consultation and discussing what you like to achieve, your likes and dislikes of foods and exercises and your goals you like to achieve in a SMART way.

(It will take 2-3 days to design whole package for you)


My New Kitchen fitness foods E books are available to purchase.

Any questions please ask on the chat.

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