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Leah Jung

Clinical Hypnotherapist




Leyton, Hackney E8 4SA

About Me

Hi my name is Leah Jung, I’m a clinical hypnotherapist, and a Sleep consultant, I also enjoy helping patients achieve their goals, and how they can make changes in their lifestyle and their well-been.

I also trained personal trainer and working with sports centres around walthamforest and Towerhamlets. I love talking to customers and they always speak to me about their goals and their mindset and how they are going to achieve it. Only the customers know the answer already. But sometimes just talking to someone makes a difference and mind made up already.

As a child I was always shy and be at the back of the class, then I would get picked to read out loud, I was nervous that I forgot how to read. Everyone used to laugh at me. I wasn't a confident person growing up.

When I left school, I studied beauty therapist and worked in a salon, from sports massage, face yoga, to reflexology, fitness, personal training and clinical hypnotherapy. During the years I built up my confidence teaching group exercises classes. During my hypnotherapy training we was able to work with confidence, self esteem, public speaking and fears and phobias. I found hypnotherapy was so powerful that it can help many of us make some changes.


Hypnotherapy is a relaxation technique which helps to focus on many situations we deal with every day life dealing with stress, or depression or anxiety in our daily life and to help manage it with positive suggestions to help makes those changes. Anxiety is a response, you are doing the anxious response, when you respond those anxiety stimuli or triggers starts.


Think of a triangle and each point of the triangle represents something, at the top point, we have our thoughts, on the other coming down clock wise is our feelings and sensations and emotions, your thoughts influence feeling sensations and emotions then they influence your behaviours and actions and re-actions responses, on the last point of triangle, for most people anxiety, pain, stress, overwhelmed starts with a thought, whether you start worrying about something they can trigger feelings uncomfortable, it might be a feeling in your body or your chest feeling tight, it may be your heart starts beating faster, or a turning feeling in your stomach, tight shoulders or sweating, feeling cooler or even shaking, these thoughts provokes these physical feelings with in you. Those feeling or those emotions of anxiety is the tip of the iceburg and below the surface is manifestation of things that can lead to anxiety.


Dealing with phobias and fears which effects our every day life can be hard to get out, which can give us other symptoms like panic attacks. I also help children form age 5 to 18 years helping stress, anxiety, fears, worries at school bullying, bed wetting, confidence, lack self esteem, exams and many more. ​ Also to help ourselves with our challenges in our life ahead.


We all have a challenges every day, its learning how to deal with them in a positive way. Hypnosis is great for complete relaxation and we can focus more, making it easy to work with the limbic brain where all the emotions are. By using positive suggestions this will help the limbic brain to relieve it, making you feel better within.


Training, qualifications & experience

I trained with hypnotic world, Practitioner Diploma in hypnotherapy,  Diploma of hypnotherapy and trained with centre of excellence level 3 practitioner hypnotherapy.

I have been doing some group sessions on zoom. And have been doing CPD courses. NLP with hypnosis and, past and age regression/depression/Parts therapy/Pregnancy and hypnobirthing

I’m a member of professional hypnotherapy practitioners association and a member of The national of hypnotherapy society member Registrant number HYP21-00258 

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council 

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And a member of General Hypnotherapy register. You can also find me here on this link:

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with
Information about health conditions (*)
Other areas of hypnotherapy I help with
  • Nail Biting

  • Bed wetting

  • Snoring relaxation

  • Thumb sucking

  • Memory and concentration

  • Pregnancy and hypnobirthing

Therapies offered
  •  Hypnoanalysis/Analytical hypnotherapy

  •  Past life regression

  •  Suggestion hypnotherapy

  •  Time Line Therapy™

  •  Self hypnosis

Image by Matt Bango
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