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Hypnotherapy for Emotional Health, Online & Face to Face sessions

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of symptoms. Sessions are adapted to each individual and can be either long or short-term. To learn more about some popular sessions offered by Leah Jung, take a look below

Hi my name is Leah Jung

I'm an experienced clinical hypnotherapist practitioner, a mum of 3 boys. I specialise in helping clients who have anxiety, to help them manage and let go of anything holding them back in the past, which may be causing their anxiety or panic attacks. I'm also a Pet Bereavement Counsellor. And to mention a Mental Health first aider, if you just need to talk, I can direct you to the right help in your area. Or go to the Hub of hope for help link is on this page. 

Why not invested in your well-being, Investing in your health through hypnotherapy is a proactive step toward holistic well-being, addressing both physical and mental aspects. It offers personalized solutions for stress reduction, habit modification, and mental health improvement, fostering lasting positive changes. However, some may hesitate to invest in hypnotherapy due to misconceptions, skepticism, or lack of awareness about its benefits.


Overcoming these barriers requires recognizing the potential for transformative outcomes and understanding that prioritising mental and emotional health is integral to overall wellness. The investment in hypnotherapy pays dividends in improved quality of life, resilience, and a healthier more balanced existence.


All about Anxiety


Do you feel:

  1. Emotional turmoil when anxiety often leads to a constant state of emotional turmoil, including feelings of fear, apprehension, and unease, which can significantly disrupt daily life and feeling you can't move on?

  2. Physical symptoms which anxiety can manifest physically, causing symptoms like rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, and gastrointestinal issues, impacting one's overall physical health and comfort.

  3. Impaired social functioning when chronic anxiety can impair one's ability to engage comfortably in social situations, leading to feelings of isolation, difficulty forming and maintaining relationships, and a reduced quality of life.

  4. Impact on work and productivity when anxiety can interfere with concentration, focus, and decision-making abilities, negatively affecting performance at work or in academic settings, potentially leading to reduced productivity and missed opportunities.

  5. Sleep disturbances when  anxiety often disrupts your sleep patterns, causing difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing restorative rest, further exacerbating the cycle of anxiety and its detrimental effects on daily life.

  6. Financial strain can have a impact seeking treatment for anxiety, whether through therapy or medication, can incur significant financial costs, creating an additional burden for individuals and families struggling with this condition.

  7. Compromised overall well-being when chronic anxiety can diminish an individual's overall sense of well-being, affecting your perception of life satisfaction, self-worth, and happiness, ultimately hindering their ability to lead a fulfilling and balanced life.

How can hypnotherapy help you? Hypnotherapy can effectively help with anxiety by accessing the subconscious mind and addressing the root causes of stress. Through relaxation techniques and guided suggestions, it assists in restructuring negative thought patterns, promoting a sense of calmness. This therapeutic approach empowers individuals to manage anxiety, providing tools to cope with triggers and fostering a greater sense of control over their mental and emotional well-being.


Do you need help? having constant hot flashes and uncontrollable, night sweats, sleepless nights, tired, no energy, brain fog, can't think straight, stress, or even anxiety, hypnotherapy can help you control the menopause symptoms along with tools given and techniques used and overall wellbeing advise.

How can Hypnotherapy help: Hynosis can help regulate the autonomic nervous system, to help reduce hot flashes, their frequency and intensity and night sweats. also helping reduce anxiety and stress.

Helps to improve sleep, boosting  mood and well being and having a positive mindset. Help to alleviate and managing pain including headaches. And promoting lifestyle change.

Individual sessions

How does it work: you will need at least 4-6 sessions, you be shown techniques to help reduces hot flashes and working on stress and worries, along with information how to keep healthy.

Group online menopause relieve program

I have recently added a group online menopause relieve program 4 sessions once a week on fridays about 7 or 8pm, when 8 has joined the date of a friday will be given, reserve your space, go to the group session bookings. When booking fill in the consultation form in the individual session page. Reduce the hot flashes and reduce stress. Or book a free consultation and we have a chat before booking.

Do you feel sadness, guilt, isolation, anger, alone, regret and anxious.

We have a closed bond with ours pets, they become our family and friends. We all greif differently, I'm here to support you in that process and help by giving some tools to allow you carry on with your life. The loss of a pet can be one of the most devastating events a person can go through. There are times when losing one's loved pet is more traumatic than losing a family member. It is easy for people to become attached to their pets because pets provide unconditional love. A pet will not betray you and they will provide love and comfort without requiring anything in return. Loving a pet is worth the risk of pain when they depart, but it can still result in a very difficult emotional time for you and family.

If you'd like to book an appointment for zoom book now

Fill in the consultation for hypnotherapy.

Leah Jung PHPA, HS, DHP,Acc.Hyp

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Hypnotherapy for Emotional Health

Leah Jung, PHPA, HS, DHP Acc.Hyp. Dip.Hyp.HWHP.PHPA,GHR,MHS,CHSC, CNHC is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist  practitioner, providing help and the tools you need to reach your goals. Hypnosis is a state of mind; mental and physical relaxation in which our subconscious is able to communicate with our conscious mind to allow to make changes.​​

Maybe it's an addiction or trauma you’re struggling with, or a new milestone you want to achieve. You’ll notice a difference after only a few sessions. I enjoy helping adults, adolescents, and children from 5 and up with their confidence, stress, worries, anxiety, fears, phobias sleep, nail biting, bed wetting and just for pure relaxation and many more symptoms clients may have. Reach out today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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I came to Leah to help with my confidence in public speaking. I had used hypnotherapists in the past but Leah was special. She took me on a wonderful journey into a very deep level of trance which I had never achieved before. I fell instant confidence after the session and no longer feel scared or nervous to publicly speak. I'm now looking forward to it! I can't recommend Leah enough.


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