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Guided meditation and Visualisation for sleep, Sign up today to recieve your free audio recording

Welcome to my meditation online practice, this is a group session, where I offer guided meditation and visualization techniques to help people sleep better. I believe that undisturbed sleep is vital to a healthy life and I have made it my mission to help others achieve it. My practice is focused on creating a calm and peaceful environment that can help quiet the mind and lead to a more restful sleep. Join me in my practice of online zoom and start experiencing the benefits of good sleep today.


Next Guided Meditation with visualisation to help reduce stress, on zoom is a paid session. Zoom link will be sent when payment is made.
22nd March 9pm Price £7 book now by signing up.

Participating in a mindfulness guided meditation and visualization session through an online Zoom session can offer several benefits for managing stress and promoting overall well-being. These include stress reduction, improved emotional well-being, enhanced relaxation, increased self-awareness, better concentration and focus, a strengthened mind-body connection, improved sleep, increased resilience, lowered blood pressure, a sense of community and connection, strengthened coping skills, mindful breathing benefits, a sense of presence, and the potential for integrating mindfulness into daily life for ongoing well-being.

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